Plataforma para el impulso de la accesibilidad universal

Success Stories

(Good Practices) This section is dedicated to showing examples where accessibility has been well understood and works. In order to do so, we intend to create a repository of different actions, works, workshops or any activity in which accessibility has been correctly taken into account. The idea is to create a file for each case and be able to search or filter according to the different variables that are filled in. In order to compile the information, a registration form is proposed in which interested parties can show the actions carried out. In order to do this, information will be requested from: – Place – The entity that promotes it – Type of entity – Contact regarding the action – Position – Telephone – Email – Web – Scope of action (improvement works in urban space, in buildings, on websites, activities to promote accessible actions, etc.) – Improvement obtained – Target audience or direct benefit – Description of the action / Activity – Images of the before and after or the development of the activity (description of each image). – Documents of interest – Budget – Deadlines – Possibility of replication The most practical thing is to make different forms for constructive, technological or cultural practices.
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