Islazul receives the AENOR accessibility certificate

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: Islazul Shopping Center

Entity type: Private company

Scope of action: Products and services

Description of the performance / Activity:

Thus, with compliance with the DALCO criteria, the Madrid shopping center enables any user to travel, communicate, carry out activities and use its facilities, without any type of barriers, with total autonomy and equal conditions. The certificate recognizes the high degree of commitment and investment on the part of the Management, the integration of the interest groups in the accessibility needs and the response capacity of the organization, the degree of execution of the objectives and the trajectory and approach of accessibility that was born in 2017 and shows a positive evolution. Likewise, it corroborates Islazul’s commitment to a permanent improvement of the service to its visitors, with full guarantee of safety and in line with its sustainability policy.

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