Queen Letizia Award 2017 for Inclusive Culture: Full Inclusion Madrid ‘More culture, more inclusion’

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare

Entity type: State public institution

Scope of action: Madrid

Improvement obtained: “The actions cover all artistic practices: dance, theater, plastic arts, music, cinema and literature... The actions are aimed at: Promoting the presence of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities as creators, promoting the role of people with intellectual disabilities as consumers of culture, cognitive accessibility is not only considered a transversal issue throughout the project, but has its own section of actions that are carried out, paying special attention to vulnerable groups, within the field of disability intellectual or development, promoting the training of professionals from the movement's entities, creating a website for the 'More culture, more inclusion' project, making documentaries and videos of activities carried out..."

Description of the performance / Activity:

“More Culture, more Inclusion’ (+C=+I) is a project of reflection and action to develop the potential that culture has as an element of transformation and social inclusion, encouraging the participation of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities in this field as creators, spectators and workers of the trades that emanate from it.”

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