AMUSE Project: the App for all people in smart museums

Place: España

Entity that promotes it: ONCE Foundation

Entity type: Non-profit entity

Contact regarding the action:

Scope of action: Spain

Improvement obtained: “Among the aspects most highlighted by visitors is the availability of the museum map on their mobile devices and information on accessibility in the museum. Likewise, the games function was highly valued since, in the opinion of the participants, it facilitates learning about the works and their authors. Another highly valued aspect was the function of identifying elements using the camera of your mobile phone. It saves them the trouble of having to look for a number to access certain content, as happens with audio guides. For museum managers, the application has meant an improvement in the development of content. AMUSE allows them to be generated little by little, so that if there is a change that improves the content, the information can be updated without having to redo the entire content, as in the case of audio guides.”

Description of the performance / Activity:

“The AMUSE project is an innovative initiative that aims to convert museums and exhibition halls into inclusive environments where the needs and preferences of people with disabilities are taken into account. It is an application, developed for the Android and iOS operating systems, that provides access to the visual content of an exhibition, allowing visitors with disabilities to enjoy it on equal terms. The application is based on a system of intelligent beacons, called beepcons, that connect to mobile terminals via Bluetooth. The beacons make it easier for users to receive information in an accessible format, locate key elements in the environment, carry out thematic routes designed by the museum or exhibition center, participate in games and publish comments and ratings. The system includes a management website for museums or exhibition centers to incorporate, personalize and update content.”

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