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3D Designs

Through this section, Accessibilitas offers you access to:

Designs for 3D printing: This is a series of assistive products designed so that they can be parameterized and 3D printed. This collection focuses on covering job adaptations needs. Our goal is to offer a broader set of 3D printable assistive products. We appreciate that you contact Accessibilitas if you detect any needs/ideas so that we can review them. Below you will find the available assistive products!


Do you know other repositories of 3D assistive products? And other organisations that use technology at the service of all people?

Here we present some of them!

The 3DLAN association is a non-profit association that seeks to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities through design and new technologies, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by free software and hardware. They have a repository of 3D support products.

The association Móstoles Makers aims to help in any health, economic or social crisis. They are an alternative to collaborate and learn about the “maker” world (3D design and printing, modifications, software, etc.). They organise activities, courses and workshops for everyone.

They collaborate with Fundación ONCE in the design of several products that you can see in this section.

Another source where you can find information about assistive products is CEAPAT, the State Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aid, belonging to Imserso. Since 1989, it designs, develops and adapts assistive products for the elderly and people with disabilities. It has a complete catalog of assistive products, and also has a account on Thingiverse where you can view and download its collection of 3D assistive products .

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