Dissemination of archaeology, accessible and inclusive

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: King Juan Carlos University

Entity type: University

Scope of action: Education

Description of the performance / Activity:

Researchers from the HASTHGAR group of the Archeology area and the Diversia group of the Chair on People with Disabilities, Accessibility and Inclusion (DAI) launch the project “Archaeology for all”, which aims to promote historical knowledge taking into account the diversity of public.

Through the project “Archaeology for everyone. Human rights and accessibility to historical knowledge”, researchers from the HASTHGAR group and the Diversia group have designed accessible material made through 3D prints and replicas of significant materials from the Prehistory and Ancient History of the Iberian Peninsula with the motto ‘everything can be done tap’. “The 3D prints are made through photogrammetry of real enclaves located throughout the Iberian Peninsula,” explain Alberto Polo and Francisco Reyes, researchers in the Archeology area of ​​the URJC. These materials and the data bank that has been created for 3D printing will be available for use in the DAI Chair.

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