Mérida Festival, OTAEX award for the sensory accessibility of theatrical performances

Place: Mérida

Entity that promotes it: OTAEX

Entity type: Regional office

Scope of action: Extremadura

Improvement obtained: “...the organization offers a series of measures to support oral communication for people with sensory disabilities. Specifically, the measures are divided into two groups: measures for people with hearing disabilities and for people with visual disabilities. For people with hearing disabilities, who use hearing aids or cochlear implants, they have a magnetic induction loop or magnetic loop system for all screenings of all shows, both in Mérida and Medellín. For the Roman Theater of Mérida, a Box is enabled, respecting the price of the people who need help in the event that they have a lower ticket. For Medellín, Cáparra and Regina, a properly signposted space is enabled. In addition, for the Sunday showing of the works, you can follow the live subtitling of the work through your smartphone or tablet. Both at the box office and at the entrance to the venue, a QR code is enabled with the link to the show's subtitling, to be scanned from any smartphone or tablet. The measures for people with visual disabilities are to have live audio description for the Sunday screening of the shows."

Description of the performance / Activity:

“The President of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, has presented the Otaex award in the category of Communication and Information Technologies to the Consortium of the Board of Trustees of the Mérida Festival, in an event in which she highlighted the festival’s effort to deepen in the sensory accessibility of theatrical performances.”

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