CicerOn Project

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: Indra, Universia Foundation and U-tad

Entity type: University

Scope of action: Technology

Description of the performance / Activity:

CicerOn: VR speech coach, an application that, through immersive virtual reality techniques, will allow people with Asperger syndrome to train their interaction with other people and public presentation of different subjects.
Thanks to its immersive capacity, virtual reality is used for the rehabilitation of different types of phobias and disorders, such as Asperger’s syndrome, a neurobiological disorder of the autism spectrum whose sufferers show certain difficulties in their social and behavioral skills. or communication. The CicerOn project, developed by U-tad researchers, doctors and students, will make the practice of public speaking possible, in a way that will help these people to reduce the fear, anxiety, phobia or rejection that these situations cause them, to adapt to them and, in this way, to improve their educational and professional performance.

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