The PREDIF Guide to Accessible Greenways

Place: 10 Greenways spread throughout Spain

Entity that promotes it: PREDIF

Entity type: Statewide non-profit entity

Scope of action: The entire Spanish territory.

Improvement obtained: The objective of the project has been to convert the Greenways and the towns they cross into tourist destinations accessible to all people. The Greenways are old disused railway routes that have been rehabilitated as routes open to walkers and cyclists. Its comfortable layout for walking allows visitors to get to know and enjoy the natural environment. Due to their characteristics, the Greenways can be traveled safely and autonomously by people with reduced mobility. For this reason, families with children, elderly people and people with disabilities frequent these paths.”

Description of the performance / Activity:

“The Guide to Accessible Greenways is a project developed by the State Representative Platform of People with Physical Disabilities (PREDIF) and the Spanish Railways Foundation with the support of the ONCE Foundation, the Vodafone Spain Foundation and the Biodiversity Foundation. For the Greenway to be recognized as an accessible tourist destination, it is necessary that it has complementary services, so that the travel experience is complete: transportation, accommodation, restaurants, activities and various services.”

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