Queen Letizia 2016 Award for Accessibility Technologies: ‘inSuit: Universal Web Accessibility and Usability from the cloud’

Place: Spain

Entity that promotes it: Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare

Entity type: State public institution

Scope of action: Spain

Improvement obtained: “The inSuit platform provides a set of tools that help navigation, customized for each web page by accessibility experts, allowing for more accessible and usable navigation. This makes navigation possible and improves for people with different disabilities, such as: - Decrease or lack of vision. - Difficulty or lack of mobility in hands and arms, even when combined with speech difficulties. - Cognitive difficulties. In addition, inSuit also makes it easier to navigate for older people, those with reading difficulties or those with limited digital skills. The solution also makes the website more usable for all types of visitors, who will discover a simpler way to enjoy browsing, adapted to their personal preferences.”

Description of the performance / Activity:

“The inSuit platform provides universal web accessibility and usability in a simple way. This is achieved without modifying the website, from any computer and free of charge for the user.”

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