VIII Call for Grants for Inclusive Projects from the Universia Foundation and the Konecta Foundation – Inclusive and Accessible Documentary Theater

Place: Spain

Entity that promotes it: We Act Assoc

Entity type: Non-profit organization

Scope of action: Culture and Leisure

Description of the performance / Activity:

Simbiòtic Festival was born with the objective of opening the doors of theaters to diversity, the essence of all of us and of the artistic fact itself. We want to stop making excuses as spectators, creators and cultural managers for not having the means, experience or support to include diversity and accessibility in scenic exhibition spaces.

At We Act we understand that there are many ways to understand and interpret reality, therefore, we believe that performing arts that can be enjoyed by everyone are possible and necessary to continue moving towards the real democratization of the cultural and artistic scene of our cities.

Replication possible: Yes

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