Implementation of an information and communication system in the Malaga transport network

Place: Málaga

Entity that promotes it: Municipal transport network of the Malaga city council

Entity type: Public

Contact regarding the action: Andrés Piedrola, planning director of the Malagueña transport company S.A.M (E.M.T.) of the Malaga City Council.

Scope of action: Málaga

Improvement obtained: aimed at all people and especially the group of people with cognitive disabilities, people with visual disabilities and the elderly.

Description of the performance / Activity:

The Malaga City Council has provided all the lines of the urban transport bus network with a code of pictograms and easy-to-read information on lines and itineraries. This measure has been considered one of the pioneers in this field and with more than effective results. Furthermore, this action was accompanied by the implementation of an on-demand information system for each user in an accessible way (includes videos in sign language). Specifies information both at the stop upon arrival of the bus and inside the bus.

The stops have a diode panel that informs us of waiting times visually and by voice.

Measures have been implemented such as the audio system in the bus shelters and the bus (exterior and interior) to indicate arrival, approach and next stop for people with visual disabilities.

Braille signs have also been placed on all shelters and bus poles.

It has been the first Spanish city to allow bus payment with a mobile phone after the pre-commercial experience with NFC technology. Likewise, the card can now be recharged online and up to 50 buses have Wi-Fi on board.

Free transfer is also available for Transport Consortium card users. In addition, it has contributed to the implementation of diesel-electric hybrid buses.

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