Pilot project to improve accessibility at UVA Santa Engracia (Badajoz)

Place: Badajoz (Extremadura)

Entity that promotes it: Extremadura joint

Entity type: Public administration

Scope of action: Built Environment

Description of the performance / Activity:

The main objective sought with this pilot project was to serve as a sample of the possibilities of rehabilitation and enhancement of the public space in the Santa Engracia neighborhood. This experience attempted to provide solutions to one of the neighborhood’s main problems: the inadequate accessibility of its streets. Before carrying out the intervention, the various existing physical barriers, the high unevenness in certain transversal pedestrian routes and the general poor state of conservation were palpable. With the project, accessible pedestrian routes were conceived through the formation of two platforms, each one at the entrance level to the homes, connected to each other by stairs and ramps. To do this, the entrance thresholds to the homes were modified and the pavements were replaced with more suitable ones, protecting the whole with the installation of railings and handrails.

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