ALMA mobile application

Place: Málaga

Entity that promotes it: University of Malaga - Chair of Accessible Technologies Indra and Adecco Foundation

Entity type: Universidad

Scope of action: Technology

Description of the performance / Activity:

The project carried out by the University of Malaga is an application for Android devices that provides people with reduced mobility with real-time information on the best routes they can follow between a point of origin and a destination, whether they cross adapted areas such as avoiding crowds or places with construction sites.

On the other hand, the system can also channel to the competent public authorities requests for infrastructure improvements that users consider necessary to guarantee their integration, such as the replacement of stairs with ramps or the creation of wider passageways.

Another feature of this application is the use of augmented reality to inform about accessible points as well as guidance, using GPS and other complementary technologies to locate the user’s position/orientation. In addition, it will intelligently process automatic information about the user’s routines, which will help the system itself to discern significant situations or milestones and incorporate the conclusions.

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