DownTown receives the Discapnet Award for the best product or service based on technologies to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: ONCE Foundation

Entity type: Non-profit organization

Scope of action: Spain

Improvement obtained: “Downtown is a serious game, a serious game, something that in itself may not be new, but it is true that there are not too many serious games with the level of finish and professionalism as DownTown. We have tried at all times to have a “playable” game for anyone and with a level of quality that allows us to play it and have fun with it. The second novelty is the topic it deals with and allowing greater autonomy in travel by confronting the player, such as a kid with a cognitive disability, and confronting him with situations that can occur on the metro network and thus being able to train. and have a habit in case these cases occur in your real trips. All within a very playful cops and robbers environment. The kid can play the game, while also being accessible, because not all games are, and this one is. It is a game that takes you on an adventure and also makes you use the subway, move around, transfers, get out of the car, face that situation.”

Description of the performance / Activity:

Among 67 candidates presented to the Discapnet Awards in its IV Edition, Downtown – Adventure in the subway, an educational game created by the Center for Experimental Innovation of Knowledge (CEIEC) of the Francisco de Vitoria University, developed in collaboration with Down Madrid, He was one of the favorites for the jury. Both its accessibility and its innovative nature and also its applicability have been taken into account. Its didactic nature and its usefulness on a daily basis stand out to improve the orientation and use of the Metro by people with intellectual disabilities.

The game is aimed at facilitating the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into urban transport, recreating the entire Madrid Metro network to facilitate learning.

It has more than 1000 downloads, it is a game that is used both in association training classrooms and by individuals. Discapnet has interviewed Álvaro José García Tejedor, professor director of the CEIEC, Research Institute of the UFV, and he has told us more about this serious game.”

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