AMICOG mobile application

Place: Madrid

Entity that promotes it: Autonomous University of Madrid - Chair of Accessible Technologies Indra and Adecco Foundation

Entity type: University

Scope of action: Technology, Employment

Description of the performance / Activity:

Environmental Intelligence for Cognitive Disability. AMICOG, carried out by the Autonomous University of Madrid, is a project for the labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities based on mobile devices.

The project focuses on assisting and training workers with cognitive disabilities in the work tasks they perform daily. Among the problems that this group has to face in their working life are, on the one hand, the use of company resources to carry out their tasks. Workers receive training to perform tasks within the company. Now, this training has a general nature, and when entering the job, they face specific processes that require the use of particular resources. The adaptation period, in these cases, is irremediably costly for both the worker and the company.

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