Manual for the transposition of the European Accessibility Law

Publication title: Manual for the transposition of the European Accessibility Law

Author/s: European Disability Forum, ONCE Foundation, Cermi, ONCE

Year of publication: 2020

Subject: Normative

Support: Digital


This manual aims to provide disability advocates with tools and proposals to promote strong national legislation and adequate implementation that complies with the European Accessibility Law. The first part provides a brief introduction to the Law with the related key documents and definitions, a timetable for transposition and implementation and indications of who the main actors in the process are. It is also explained that this Law is a “minimum harmonization” Directive and what this means in practice. The second part attempts to explain what the Law covers. The most important provisions that must be taken into account during the transposition phase are expanded. Subsequently, suggestions are provided on how these could be improved at the national level where appropriate. Important aspects regarding implementation, monitoring and reporting, and the European Commission’s review of how Member States will implement the Law in the coming years are also covered.

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