Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies in Spain

Publication title: Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies in Spain

Editorial: Royal Board on Disability

Author/s: Tejerina, R., et al.

Year of publication: 2016

Subject: Communication

Support: Digital


This publication presents an analysis of the state of ICT accessibility in Spain, taking into account the following scenarios: transport, electronic administration, electronic commerce, education and health. Information is provided on the use of ICT elements by people with disabilities, the use of these technologies in different sectors, the regulations related to accessible ICT and, finally, it is proposed how some of them may evolve. of them and what this would entail in our society. The document examines the tools that we all use every day: Internet, personal computers, smart phones and tablets, as well as different support products that allow these to be adapted to the needs of each user. All of them are already fully integrated into our lives and others continue to appear that transform them very quickly, so it is essential to ensure that no one is left out of this progress. As reflected in this report, achieving accessible ICT services will only be possible if public administrations, companies, the third sector and users act together.

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