Social image, public opinion and disability

Publication title: Social image, public opinion and disability

Editorial: CERMI

Author/s: Agustín Huete García and Marta Yolanda Quezada García

Year of publication: 2013

Subject: General

Support: Digital


“With the objective of complying with this mandate, which binds the Kingdom of Spain as part of the international treaty, CERMI has proposed to carry out an analysis of the current treatment and opportunities for improvement regarding the records made of disability in the statistical references promoted by various organizations in Spain. As the first part of this initiative, the statistical references of the National Statistics Institute (INE) have been analyzed. The result of this analysis has been recently published by CERMI under the title: Disability in official statistical sources. Examination and proposals for improvement (CERMI, 2011).

This document therefore constitutes a second step in this analysis, and will focus on the statistical references made by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS); To do this, as was done in the case of the INE, the information will be treated based on the description, analysis of the way in which it approaches (or does not) the disability in its design, and a battery of proposals for improvement, so that, where appropriate, disability appears as a relevant fact in all future statistical operations of interest to this social reality.”

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