Accessible Center Price 2019

Publication title: Accessible Center Price 2019

Editorial: ONCE Foundation / Via Libre

Author/s: Official College of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Guadalajara; ONCE Foundation

Year of publication: 2019

Subject: Built environment

Support: Digital and physical


“This publication is structured in two distinct parts. ACCESSIBILITY Database. Renovation of accessible 3-bedroom housing. This entire Database comes from the Price Center publication, prepared by the Technical Office of Guadalajara Surveyors, S.L.U. Price Center is the largest building database at the national level, and it is the one with the greatest presence and dissemination among technicians involved in projects and execution of works. The prices reflected in this Database are indicative, and it must be considered that the real price depends on variables such as availability of labor, volume of execution, complexity and accessibility to the place of work. In addition, competitive market conditions in each location can affect the final price. The prices in the Database have been prepared under assumptions of model work with average conditions of the aforementioned variables, as well as the distance to supplies and the availability in the market of both materials and means and labor. ”

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