Manual for an accessible environment

Publication title: Manual for an accessible environment

Editorial: Royal Board on Disability, with the collaboration of the ACS Foundation

Author/s: Jesús de Benito Fernández, Javier García Milá, José Antonio Juncà Ubierna, Carlos de Rojas Torralba and Juan José Santos Guerras.

Year of publication: 2010

Subject: Built environment

Support: Digital y físico


The agreement between the ACS Foundation and the Royal Board of Trustees on Disability has allowed hundreds of professionals in architecture, engineering, urban planning and universal design to train in accessibility, attending the seminars and courses taught within this framework. collaboration. In recent years, there have been significant advances in the legal and regulatory field of disability, as well as in technological developments that seek to improve the living conditions of this social group. For this reason, the aforementioned entities saw it appropriate to update the teaching material that is distributed during the development of these courses.
The result is this tenth edition of the Manual for an accessible environment, which, for the first time, is published on CD. The document covers everything there is to know about accessibility in buildings and mobility for all, including issues such as building maintenance, the rehabilitation of buildings and historic centers, or the requirements of people with disabilities within the framework of architectural design for fire prevention. Different specialists present the contents in a clear and systematic way, accompanied by numerous diagrams and photographs that help understand the texts. The volume also includes separate annexes that offer, respectively, a selection of bibliography on accessibility and a list of the basic regulations (state and regional) in force on this subject. In short, the work constitutes a good tool to train and raise awareness about universal design among professionals directly involved in the planning, construction and rehabilitation of buildings and public spaces.

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