Challenge 7. Design for everyone in education

Publication title: Challenge 7. Design for everyone in education

Editorial: Ceapat

Author/s: Cristina Rodríguez-Porrero and Santiago Gil González

Year of publication: 2015

Subject: Education, Technology

Support: Digital


The publication begins with a definition of the concept “design for all” and an analysis of its implications in the field of education. Then make a description of the Spanish and European regulations, and an analysis of the starting situation that includes the context, the environment and the implications of ICT. In the central chapters, experts from different fields analyze specific aspects of universal design: visual disability, the role of education professionals, learning, new technologies, and current priorities and challenges; It also exposes various initiatives already carried out in favor of design for all in education. The book ends with an extensive bibliography, and with the proposal of a wide series of objectives and actions to facilitate the control of the application of ICT in inclusive education.

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