Challenge 10. Cognitive accessibility

Publication title: Challenge 10. Cognitive accessibility

Editorial: Imserso

Author/s: Cristina Larraz Istúriz. Collaborators: Ceapat Architecture Area and Santiago Gil González

Year of publication: 2015

Subject: Communication

Support: Digital


We can understand cognitive accessibility as what allows us to understand the information provided by the environment, which facilitates the activities that take place there, without discrimination based on age, language, emotional state or cognitive abilities. This publication analyzes it as a fundamental component of universal accessibility and as a field in which there is still much to do.

After defining the concept, it reviews the current state of cognitive accessibility, focusing on aspects such as accessible communication between the environment and the person, easy reading, wayfinding and signage. It continues with the opinion of several experts and presents a series of initiatives developed in urban spaces, buildings and means of transportation, ending with a chapter on the bibliography.

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