Free courses with open enrollment in accessibility

13 March, 2024

The ONCE Foundation, the Royal Board of Trustees on Disability and the UNED come together to produce open, free, quality educational resources accessible to all people. Each student can also obtain recognition or accreditation for the merits achieved. The offer will gradually cover all disciplines in which Universal Design has implications.

The Channel offers training in the knowledge and skills necessary to design products, environments, systems and services from a universal design perspective.

Courses with open enrollment at this time are:

  • How to train in design for all people:
  • Society would be more inclusive if each professional thought about how all people function, before designing and offering their services. From the educational field, future professionals must be trained so that they become aware and work also taking into account, on the one hand, limitations in functioning and support needs, and on the other, the rights of people with disabilities. To achieve this, teachers also need training and support. This course offers information and resources on aspects related to inclusive education and reasonable adjustments, on Design for All and Universal Design for Learning, also offering tools to implement this training in classrooms, that is: how can Teachers train on design for all people, on disabilities, in their subjects.

  • Accessible housing
  • The home must be a place adapted to the needs of all its inhabitants. The coexistence in the same family unit of children, the elderly, adults, among whom there may be people with disabilities, requires that the spaces be adapted to the needs and activities of each of the family members.

    This course offers alternatives to consider renovating the interior of a house or purchasing its furniture taking into account all its inhabitants.

  • Disability and Active Legal Defense (in collaboration with State CERMI)
  • Legal security allows us to live with the peace of mind of being protected by laws and institutions, which guarantee the defense of our rights. Although all citizens are equal before the law, people with disabilities see their rights violated more frequently. In this sense, this course is aimed at helping students learn to identify situations of discrimination and violence, and know the tools and rules for reporting them.

    The goal of the course is for students to obtain a broad vision of Human Rights and in particular the rights of people with disabilities and their families. Also of the legal, advocacy, and communication instruments and tools to claim these rights from a legal and social point of view.

  • Accessibility in healthcare public
  • Currently, customer service and the general public do not meet the necessary conditions to satisfy the diversity of user needs and preferences. This creates inequality and means that many people are left without resolving problems or doubts they may have regarding the service offered. In addition, it produces dissatisfaction and reduces customer loyalty. Likewise, it can cause the organization to receive a high number of complaints or reports of discrimination and this can affect loyalty.

    This course offers a description of the various profiles of clients and users, paying particular attention to people with disabilities who have certain accessibility needs. Likewise, it presents the guidelines for effective attention to the public with disabilities.

All these courses can be taken until March 24, 2024.

More information: ONCE Foundation Channel at UNED