Accessibility white book for video game developers

Publication title: Accessibility white book for video game developers

Editorial: Fundación ONCE y AEVI

Author/s: Aguado Delgado, Juan ; Monedero Alvaro, Arturo ; García Cortés, Enrique

Year of publication: 2023

Subject: Technology

Support: Digital


The Accessibility White Paper for video game developers includes a series of accessibility measures distributed in five categories, depending on their degree of difficulty in implementation: 28 measures classified with one star; 18 two-star measures; 7 three-star measurements; five measures of four stars and, finally, three measures of five stars. A total of 61 measures ranging from the use of easy-to-read alternative typography, color-coded information, screen readers, assisted pointing systems, among others. This book aims to help developers in the video game world achieve equal opportunity and universal design in their products, so that everyone can enjoy the leisure that this industry offers. When writing the book, player profiles have been taken into account, which refer to how technology is used. In this way, there are profiles that refer to limited vision, color perception, hearing, limited manipulation or strength, and cognitive ability.

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