Competencies in digital accessibility in students of a master’s degree in e-learning

Publication title: Competencies in digital accessibility in students of a master's degree in e-learning

Editorial: Spanish Disability Magazine, VOL. 8 NO. 2 (2020)

Author/s: Lourdes González-Perea, Almudena Cotán Fernández, Ana Cristina García-Pérez

Year of publication: 2020

Subject: Education

Support: Digital


The training of future teachers in digital accessibility is very relevant, since it ensures that people with disabilities, the elderly and other groups at risk of social exclusion can access educational processes mediated by information technologies. and of knowledge. However, it seems that it is not considered as part of the training offer. The objective of this work focuses on identifying the knowledge in digital accessibility that students draw from in a master’s degree aimed at educating themselves as professionals in the techno-pedagogical design of training actions developed in the e-learning modality. For its development, a self-diagnosis test on digital accessibility has been carried out on a group of 49 master’s students. As a result of the results obtained, the objectives of the accessibility subject contemplated in the master’s degree have been oriented to enhance the development of skills in this subject.

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