Cognitive accessibility. Model to design accessible spaces

Publication title: Cognitive accessibility. Model to design accessible spaces

Editorial: The Accessible City

Author/s: Berta Liliana Brusilovsky Filer

Year of publication: 2014

Subject: Built environment

Support: Digital


This unique book for its innovation and pioneering nature in cognitive accessibility, culminates almost eighteen years of research by the Argentine architect living in Madrid, Berta Liliana Brusilovsky Filer, who after taking an unprecedented online course on this subject with The Accessible City, This topic of study that was out of interest was reactivated in Spanish society again. The book has been produced completely free of charge by The Accessible City to spread the message of cognitive accessibility and make it reach everyone since there are no specialized publications on the matter and it can contribute to a more human development of society so that exclude other people due to the lack of implementation of cognitive accessibility criteria. In this second edition, two new chapters are incorporated – and the glossary is enriched – with experiences carried out in universities and a selection of projects carried out between 2014 and 2015. With these contents the validity of the model is demonstrated and the demonstration that Cognitive accessibility has a theoretical and methodological framework that is available to all those who aspire to work in Universal Accessibility.

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