Cognitive accessibility index. Design Considerations

Publication title: Cognitive accessibility index. Design Considerations

Editorial: Entimema

Author/s: Berta Liliana Brusilovsky Filer

Year of publication: 2018

Subject: Built environment

Support: Digital


A contribution of this new book is the catalog of indicators that build the cognitive accessibility index. These, conveniently described and weighted, will allow the environments and buildings to be able to be planned, placing those elements according to the designed model: signs, panels, guides, pictograms, etc. in those that are already built, taking them into consideration for the design of the new ones, in such a way that they allow the spaces to “speak”, and therefore accompany and guide people in an environment and/or building, ensuring that what is unknown translates into friendly, avoiding the anxiety that the unknown can cause to people in general, and people with disabilities in particular.

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