Accessibility and universal design understood by everyone

Publication title: Accessibility and universal design understood by everyone

Editorial: The Accessible City

Author/s: Gonzalo Arjona Jiménez

Year of publication: 2015

Subject: General

Support: Digital


The author of “Accessibility and universal design understood by all”, dedicates this book to the scientist and astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and how he traveled through space despite having ALS; a book accessible to all audiences to approach universal accessibility, design for all and the importance of guaranteeing equal opportunities. The author strives with this book to compile and synthesize much of the knowledge that had been dispersed on the subject, to condense it into a work that is enjoyable and suitable for anyone, regardless of whether they are an accessibility professional or related to the world of disabilities. This book aims to lay the foundations for accessibility from the point of view of the social sciences in which Gonzalo Arjona has been training and where he has worked in recent years. As Arjona explains, “until very recently, accessibility was a field “restricted” to architecture and at most to certain engineering.” Despite having been written ten years ago thanks to the research carried out by the author in a postgraduate degree at La Salle University, “this book can become a starter guide for anyone who works with the group of people with reduced mobility. , find in an entertaining and simple way what you may need about accessibility and design for everyone”

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