Ethics, social work and the right to accessibility

Publication title: Ethics, social work and the right to accessibility

Editorial: Spanish Disability Magazine, VOL. 8 NO. 1 (2020)

Author/s: Manuel Aparicio Payá, Susana Rodríguez Díaz

Year of publication: 2020

Subject: General

Support: Digital


In this work we deal with the issue of universal accessibility from a theoretical perspective of connection between human rights and professional ethics of social work. Although it is a human right of people with functional diversity recognized in the 2006 UN Convention, fundamental for the empowerment of their autonomy and for full social participation, its implementation is far from being adequate in our society. From an ethical level we justify that it constitutes a commitment to justice that, given the relevance indicated, requires more attention in training and in professional practice of social services focused on people with functional diversity. We conclude the text by pointing out some implications derived from this human right in an ethical approach to social work.

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