Ethics, social work and the right to accessibility

Publication title: Ethics, social work and the right to accessibility

Editorial: Spanish Disability Magazine, VOL. 8 NO. 1 (2020)

Author/s: María Dolores Muñoz de Dios, Yolanda María de la Fuente Robles, María del Carmen Martín Cano

Year of publication: 2020

Subject: Education

Support: Digital


To achieve the proposed objectives and fulfill the purpose of this article, an analysis is carried out that encompasses aspects of the need to include universal accessibility and design for all people in training curricula, becoming a necessary challenge in the society of our days.
The concepts of universal accessibility, design for all people and user-centered design are addressed. To this end, a bibliographic review has been carried out that highlights the current situation in relation to the legal framework and the open horizon on disability, through the foundations of Spanish legislation or the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons. with Disability.
In parallel, we point out the good practices detected in the academic offer in relation to the acquisition of skills in terms of universal accessibility and design for all people, where the purpose is to claim that we are faced with an opportunity for change for which the university can give an answer.

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