Reopening of tourism for travelers with disabilities

Publication title: Reopening of tourism for travelers with disabilities

Editorial: Organización Mundial del Turismo

Author/s: Organización Mundial del Turismo, Fundación ONCE y Red Europea de Turismo Accesible

Year of publication: 2020

Subject: Tourism

Support: Digital


People with disabilities, specific access and use needs and older people want to travel again like everyone else. This broad segment of the population, which makes up millions of potential consumers on a global scale, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the tourism sector is moving towards its gradual reopening, this process should not include new obstacles and unreasonable barriers. These can be avoided by embracing the concept of Tourism for All, during recovery. The travel and tourism industry should see people with specific needs as a great economic opportunity to stay afloat and make their businesses successful again.
The UNWTO and its partner entities representing people with
disability and civil society, have developed these simple
recommendations, aimed at the different actors that make up the tourism value chain, in order to help them make the necessary adjustments to the new health protocols.

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