Pictogram Design Guidelines for All People

Publication title: Pictogram Design Guidelines for All People

Editorial: ONCE Foundation

Author/s: Technosite

Year of publication: 2013

Subject: Communication

Support: Digital


This project continues the aforementioned initiative Accessibility and
cognitive abilities: mobility in the urban environment (ONCE Foundation,
2008-2009) and in the same way as in the previous phase it is carried out with the
collaboration and advice of a working group made up of technicians from associations of people with disabilities, technicians from the State Reference Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids (CEAPAT), graphic designers, technicians from the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) and accessibility experts.
The development of the project Digital library of graphic resources
guidance on urban cognitive accessibility has allowed the creation and validation of a methodology for the development of pictograms for the functional identification of spaces and their associated uses for all people; and develop a small battery of adequately validated pictograms. This manual details this methodology, using as an example the process of creating this battery of pictograms, which has been called “pilot of Pictograms for all people.”

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