Cognitive Accessibility in Spain. Situation status

Publication title: Cognitive Accessibility in Spain. Situation status

Editorial: Ministry of Health and Social Policies

Author/s: State disability Observatory

Year of publication: 2015

Subject: General

Support: Digital


This report is based on an approach to the key concepts related to cognitive accessibility. To do this, it proposes a review of its definition; characterizes the profiles that are direct beneficiaries of the measures related to cognitive accessibility and presents the regulatory framework of reference.
Next, according to the available sources, describe the situation of cognitive accessibility through the presentation of manuals, guides, projects, or experiences in the two most important aspects productive in the field of cognitive accessibility: resources for communication and orientation resources in built spaces.
The report closes with some brief notes on cognitive accessibility in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), a conclusions section as a summary of the main results of the study and several annexes with complementary information.

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