Accessibility for people with achondroplasia

Publication title: Accessibility for people with achondroplasia

Editorial: State disability Observatory

Author/s: State disability Observatory

Year of publication: 2019

Subject: General

Support: Digital


This study aims to investigate the requirements in terms of universal design and accessibility of people with achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias with dwarfism (ADEE) in their relationship with the environment, goods, products and services, and to make recommendations and proposals for improvement in this sense. For this purpose, a qualitative methodology is used, combining the analysis of secondary sources with in-depth interviews with key informants and group sessions.
The document addresses the following areas: urban planning; buildings and public spaces; mobility and transportation; education; health; employment; tourism, culture, leisure and sports; communication, information and technology; and relationship with the Administration and public spaces.

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