How to make cultural heritage accessible

Publication title: How to make cultural heritage accessible

Editorial: Royal Board on Disability

Author/s: Juncà, J.A., (dir.)

Year of publication: 2011

Subject: Built environment, Culture and leisure

Support: Digital


This publication is the result of a study carried out by the author for the Royal Board on Disability in which, starting from an initial diagnosis of the situation of accessibility to the Historical-Artistic Cultural Heritage and its particularities, he develops the foundations, criteria and guidelines that have to be taken into account to guarantee universal accessibility to it. To this end, the author exposes the two essential requirements that must be taken into account in a balanced manner in the modifications made to said historical-artistic complex: respond to the accessibility needs of any user or visitor, while at the same time the modifications They are not intrusive or generate incoherence in the whole. Once the difficulties for intervention in Cultural Heritage have been described and the description of its fundamental types (historical centers, historic buildings, archaeological sites and historic gardens), the basic aspects to take into account to act on each of them are identified. The work is completed by a careful selection, rich in images, of national and international good practices and a summary of the regulatory framework on accessibility and heritage that exists at the international, national and regional level.

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