UNE-EN ISO 28803:2012 (Ratified) Ergonomics of the physical environment. Application of international standards to people with special needs (English)

Exact name (in spanish): UNE-EN ISO 28803:2012 (Ratificada) Ergonomía del ambiente físico. Aplicación de las normas internacionales a las personas con necesidades especiales (Inglés)

Current update: April 1, 2012 (Equivalence with the international standard: EN ISO 28803:2012, ISO 28803:2012)

Approval date: April 1, 2012

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: International Organization for Standardization (ISO

Issue: Built environment


This International Standard describes how International Standards relating to the ergonomics of the physical environment can be applied to persons with special requirements, which would otherwise be considered to be beyond the scope of those standards. It has been produced in accordance with the accessible design principles provided in ISO/IEC Guide 71 and using the data provided in ISO/TR 22411.

Geographic scope of application: International

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