Resource Guide: University and Disability

Publication title: Resource Guide: University and Disability

Editorial: CERMI

Author/s: Carmen Molina, Juan González-Badía

Year of publication: 2006

Subject: Education

Support: Digital


“The content of this guide is divided into two blocks: the first analyzes the current state university regulations and care for people with disabilities, commonly applied to all state, regional and university administrations, as well as the resources with those provided by the only non-face-to-face Public University with official teaching, the National University of Distance Education. The second block appears structured by Autonomous Communities, stopping, in each of them, to analyze the regional regulations on the University that affect students with disabilities and, subsequently, showing the resources that each University has depending on its field. territorial in the attention to this group, including the legislation emanating from the University itself (Statutes and Regulations).”

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