Gender transversality in public disability policies

Publication title: Gender transversality in public disability policies

Editorial: CERMI

Author/s: CERMI

Year of publication: 2012

Subject: Public administration, Gender

Support: Digital


“Of an eminently technical nature, the manual aims to analyze and guide policy makers and activists in the effective inclusion of women and girls with disabilities in different areas of life, often forgotten in public policies. To this end, its common thread is, on the one hand, the two reference United Nations human rights treaties: the Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, CEDAW, and the Convention on the Rights of the Individual. with Disabilities, CRPD; and, on the other hand, the 2nd Manifesto of the Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities of the European Union: A Tool for Activists and Political Leaders, adopted by the European Disability Forum in May 2011, whose content has served as a guide in the preparation of its index. Thus, through eleven chapters, the work offers a thematic tour of issues such as accessibility, independent living, training and employment, education, violence and abuse, sexual and reproductive health or rights, among others. others, under the principles of equality and non-discrimination based on gender and disability.”

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