UNE 139801:2003 Computer applications for people with disabilities. Computer accessibility requirements. Hardware

Exact name (in spanish): UNE 139801:2003 Aplicaciones informáticas para personas con discapacidad. Requisitos de accesibilidad al ordenador. Hardware

Current update: September 26, 2003 (Annuls UNE 139801:1998 EX)

Approval date: September 26, 2003

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: Spanish Standardization (UNE)

Issue: Technology


This standard establishes the characteristics that the physical components of computers (their hardware) and the associated documentation must incorporate, so that they can be used by the majority of people, including people with disabilities and the elderly, and at any time. environment (home, training, work, etc…) independently or through the relevant technical aids.

Geographic scope of application: Spain

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