Law 8/2013, of June 26, on urban rehabilitation, regeneration and renewal

Exact name (in spanish): Ley 8/2013, de 26 de junio, de rehabilitación, regeneración y renovación urbanas

Current update: October 31, 2015

Approval date: BOE no. 153 of June 27, 2013

Effective: Yes

Entity that promotes it: Head of state

Issue: Built environment



“The objectives pursued by this Law are the following:

Firstly, promote building rehabilitation and urban regeneration and renewal, eliminating currently existing obstacles and creating specific mechanisms that make it viable and possible.

Secondly, offer an ideal regulatory framework to allow the reconversion and reactivation of the construction sector, finding new areas of action, specifically, in building rehabilitation and urban regeneration and renewal.

Thirdly, promote quality, sustainability and competitiveness, both in buildings and on land, bringing our regulatory framework closer to the European framework, especially in relation to the objectives of efficiency, energy savings and the fight against energy poverty. “

Geographic scope of application: Spain

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