University social responsibility and disability

Publication title: University social responsibility and disability

Editorial: ONCE Foundation - Operational Program

Author/s: Daniel Guasch Murillo and Jesús Hernández Galán (Direction and coordination)

Year of publication: 2013

Subject: Education

Support: Digital and physical


This work will focus on establishing the guidelines to implement University Social Responsibility focused on equal opportunities due to Disability (RSU-D) based on the analysis of the RSU of Spanish universities. This general objective is specified in the following way. Delimit the theoretical concept of CSR, RSU and RSU-D. Determine what key aspects define equal opportunities due to disability to be taken into account in the RSU-D. Analyze the implementation of the RSU-D in Spanish universities. Establish the basic university guide to respond to the RSU regarding equal opportunities due to disability, exemplary in RSU-D terms.

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