Global accessibility manual for training

Publication title: Global accessibility manual for training

Editorial: AENOR

Author/s: ONCE Foundation

Year of publication: 2006

Subject: Education

Support: Digital


The Technical Committee for Standardization AEN/CTN 1 70 of AENOR, collecting the proposal of the ONCE Foundation presented through the document “Global Accessibility to Occupational Training Resources – Methodological Design”, raised the need to prepare a document that could serve as guidance to professionals and companies dedicated to education and training at any level. The methodological design provided has served to analyze, in the training environment, the possible limitations in carrying out activities or the restrictions on participation that may appear, as well as to provide the resources that allow their resolution, in line with the need to develop the UNE 170001 Standard on Global Accessibility and having as its conceptual horizon what is included in the “International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health” (ICF), which places, definitively, in the relationship of the individual with the environment the responsibility of compensation for difficulties.

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