Easy reading: writing and evaluation methods

Publication title: Easy reading: writing and evaluation methods

Editorial: Royal Board on Disability

Author/s: Óscar García Muñoz

Year of publication: 2012

Subject: Communication

Support: Digital, CD-Rom


The Royal Board on Disability publishes, with the collaboration of FEAPS and Creaccesible, this work by Óscar García Muñoz, which exposes the methods to develop easily understandable texts for people with intellectual disabilities and, by extension, the entire population. After an introduction and definition of what is meant by easy reading, the legislative references related to it and its potential recipients, the author systematizes a writing method, with specific guidelines for its easy application, in its different areas (and levels). : writing (spelling, grammar, lexicon or style), design and layout (images, typography, text composition, pagination) and production (paper, binding and printing). He also adds some specific notes for texts of a literary nature. In addition to systematizing the guidelines for its realization, the work develops evaluation techniques in the three parts of the text creation process (writing, design and layout, and production), establishing different control processes for each of the levels and describing such processes. He also introduces a proposal for readability indices to be able to evaluate the degree of difficulty of the texts. The work concludes with a selection of good practices in easy reading and some conclusions that summarize the contents developed. The exhaustiveness of the text makes this document a very important work to guide entities, companies and public administrations on the path of preparing easy-to-read texts.

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