Accessibility manual for municipal technicians

Publication title: Accessibility manual for municipal technicians

Editorial: Fundación ONCE/Vía Libre

Author/s: Universal Accessibility Directorate of the ONCE Foundation

Year of publication: 2011

Subject: Built environment, Public administration

Support: Digital and physical


It includes technical specifications, guidelines and recommendations based on experience, regarding universal accessibility. Its contents aim to provide basic criteria for action regardless of the changes incorporated in said regulations and is aimed at resolving the multiple difficulties that people with disabilities encounter in their relationship with the environment. The manual prepared by the ONCE Foundation for the Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities and the ACS Foundation systematically presents the basic concepts, guidelines, criteria and design specifications that must be taken into account when carrying out technical work in the area of universal accessibility. It has two large blocks: the first dedicated to the Built Environment and the second to the Urban Environment.

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