Accessibility in Existing Buildings: Intervention Criteria

Publication title: Accessibility in Existing Buildings: Intervention Criteria

Editorial: ONCE Foundation and Vía Libre

Author/s: ONCE Foundation and Mutual Owners Foundation

Year of publication: 2019

Subject: Built environment

Support: Digital


The resolution of accessibility needs in works and projects on existing buildings often entails difficulties, mainly of a spatial and economic nature, that prevent the guidelines of current regulations from being directly reflected, requiring equivalent alternative solutions that solve these needs. To do this, it is not enough, therefore, to have technical training and know the regulations on accessibility, but it is necessary to exercise awareness and an imaginative interpretive capacity, together with knowledge about the reasons for many of these determinations, in order to be able to propose alternatives that, without being an exact translation of conventional solutions, are equally valid or come very close to them within the possibilities offered by the existing built reality.

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