Accessibility, design and technology. 25 years of Ceapat

Publication title: Accessibility, design and technology. 25 years of Ceapat

Editorial: Imserso

Author/s: Ceapat/ Imserso

Year of publication: 2013

Subject: Technology

Support: Digital and physical


On the occasion of the celebration of 25 years of the launch of the State Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aid (Ceapat), created in 1989, Imserso has considered it appropriate to publish a publication that shows both the social and cultural evolution in Spain, the concept of accessibility. Throughout this period, and thanks to the work of Ceapat, the participation of people with disabilities and older people, and professionals from very different fields, the concept of accessibility has ended up being fully incorporated into our society. The enrichment that all types of contributions have brought and the interest that has been generated in society by universal design has resulted in greater legislative coverage of the concept of accessibility. On the other hand, Ceapat, promoter of all these advances and changes, has seen its work recognized not only by users of all types of support products but by the entire social fabric, which is why it has become a Center for State Reference for comprehensive accessibility, assistive technologies and design for all people.

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