Observatory of universal accessibility to workplaces in Spain 2015

Publication title: Observatory of universal accessibility to workplaces in Spain 2015

Editorial: ONCE Foundation / Via Libre

Author/s: ONCE Foundation, ILUNION

Year of publication: 2015

Subject: Employment

Support: Digital and physical


The objective of this Observatory has been to understand the most common accessibility problems found in workplaces and analyze the causes of why there is no progress in this matter. In this sense, the study distinguishes two variables: on the one hand, the corporate culture regarding accessibility and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, and on the other, universal accessibility in the workplace. Thus, according to the conclusions, in both cases, needs for improvement are revealed with an “even worse result in corporate culture.” As explained by the person in charge of Accessibility at ONCE Foundation, only large companies and those that already incorporate disabled personnel into their workforce obtain better results. Likewise, in universal accessibility, the managers of commercial and leisure spaces – attentive to the end customer – are the ones who get the best marks. On the contrary, the worst data is obtained in the industrial sector and in SMEs and micro companies.

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