The Henry Viscardi awards recognize the work of Jesús Hernández in favor of accessibility

27 March, 2024

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The prestigious American institution Centro Viscardi has announced the Henry Viscardi Achievement 2023 awards, among which it has distinguished the director of Accessibility and Innovation of the ONCE Foundation, Jesús Hernández.

The Viscardi Center is a pioneering institution committed to the education, employability and empowerment of people with disabilities in the United States. As recognized by the institution, these awards are intended to honor people with disabilities who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to improving the lives of people with disabilities and have made significant contributions to their communities.

In the case of Jesús Hernández, his leadership in “pioneering” projects in Spain and Europe stands out. Under his direction, Fundación ONCE has reached a significant number of agreements with numerous entities that have allowed the promotion of projects that improve the autonomy of people with disabilities. Additionally, he has played a key role in the formation of the European Accessibility Centre, AccessibleEU. The Center is supported by the European Commission and its objective is to harmonize accessibility policies in the European Union. Its commitment lies in making society inclusive, guaranteeing accessible environments, products and services.”

It also highlights its commitment to “user-centered technology, exceeding the limits of robotics, medicine and everyday tasks, ultimately improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.” And it ends by highlighting how “accessibility is not just a concept but a tangible reality, which reduces the gap for people with disabilities and promotes an inclusive society.”

Together with Jesús Hernández, the work of Pakistani Afshan Afridi, from the Collective Alliance for the Rights of Young Girls with Disabilities, has also been recognized; Alex Elegudin, Advocates for Children; Mindy Henderson, Muscular Dystrophy Association; Peter Thomas, of Powers Law Firm, and Constantine “Gus” Zografopoulos, of Z Life.