The PlayStation Access controller, we tell you how to try it

16 February, 2024


The innovative device has been developed in collaboration with the community of players with disabilities and aims to provide longer and more comfortable gaming sessions, as well as bringing video games closer to more people.

The device is a highly customizable kit that will allow more people with disabilities to play video games, as well as prolong gaming sessions and make them more comfortable for them.

PlayStation Access focuses on the three main challenges that players with disabilities face: the difficulty of holding a standard controller for a long time, the precision when pressing the buttons or triggers, or the interaction with the joystick .

PlayStation Access also offers the possibility of connecting up to four external devices thanks to the four ports integrated into the controller. The kit also comes in carefully designed packaging so that it can be easily unpacked with one hand.

After five years in development, PlayStation Access continues SIE’s mission to remove barriers for players and create a more accessible future for gaming.

Thanks to the ONCE Foundation, Playstation and Inserta, the controller can be tested in 22 Spanish cities. And not only any person or media interested in trying it out, they will be able to go to the offices, or to local events that can be held with entities. of specialized disabilities, but there will also be loans so that users can try it at home.

Find all the information to try it on the Ga11y page: